Ten Songs of Change Duo with Maya Fridman

European Music inspired by the ancient Chinese wisdom (55 min)

Maya Fridman (cello, vocals), Lulu Wang (texts), Marion von Tilzer (piano & composition) 


The program has been touring since 2021 throughout Holland and abroad. It is an ongoing program, that has been presented in various form, i.e. with live poetry and calligraphy. 

The music & poems have been published by the label TRPTK in 2021, and the sheet music is available at Donemus Publishing House. 

The performance Ten Songs of Change is a
Concert Poem. It is based on the Yi Jing, the
ancient Chinese book of wisdom, possibly the
oldest book on the planet. Like other monuments
of human culture, it was a cooperative effort
spanning many centuries. The oldest ideas in the book were probably handed down by the elders of nomadic tribes. These early authors observed the stars and tides, plants and animals, various cycles of natural events, as well as patterns of relationship in families and societies, the practice of business, craft of government and the grim art of warfare and the eternal human dramas of love, ambition, conflict and honour. And instead of creating a fixed chart of the cosmos, they put together a guide to the way things change: a fluid interconnected system of relations: the 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams. (Marion von Tilzer)