A song to inspire, empower and connect children and youth in challenging times. 

We would like to introduce you to a new project by award- winning composer Marion von Tilzer (NL/A).

A song for children’s choir with the words of the Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai (1997), sung by children from all corners of the world. ‘Malala Speaks’ is part of Marion’s series ‘Meetings with  Remarkable Women’. This project is a vehicle for children and youth to recognize their impact in a world, where so much is at stake and where the realization of equality, unity, and peace is key. 



Children’s choirs from all seven continents are invited to take part in the project ‘Malala Speaks’, which consists of a documentary following the children, as they practice & sing the song along with short interviews with the children in their habitat about their future dreams and hopes for a peaceful world. Singing the song “Malala Speaks” will not only inspire the young participants themselves on a local level, but they become a voice for hope to an international audience. 

The plan is to collaborate with a broadcasting company and other platforms, and we have contact with organizations, such as the United Nations and World Unity Week. In addition to that, the documentary will be a starting point for educational projects in schools and areas in need of support. Besides the documentary, we would like to create a Live edition of the song in the form of a sound installation superimposing the recordings of all children’s choirs singing the song from around the world.