Meetings with Remarkable Women (series)

Meetings with remarkable women – music inspired by women’s lives’ is a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary series of art projects about the lives of inspirational women. In this project, I portray women whose way of responding to life’s challenges has left a deep impression on me. What strikes me as remarkable is, that these women were able to connect to their inner peace even in the most difficult life situations and thus became larger than life. When looking at their life story, one realizes that their response to life’s challenges was not something they had studied for or followed any curriculum to be able to come up with, but it emerged from them – as an innate human capacity. They rose to the occasion from their inherent humanness. 

‘Meetings with remarkable women’ is an intuitive, artistic exploration of our humanness and inherent capacity as humans. While there have been many inspirational examples throughout history, this project is an attempt to introduce a more diverse perspective of human stories and role models. By shining light on these women’s lives, ‘Meetings with remarkable women’  is an ode to life’s beauty amidst a world of chaos. 

This series is an ongoing exploration. I am introducing you to the protagonists of the first four projects: Malala Yousafzai, a young woman of our times, who has become a symbol of hope;; and Vilma Grunwald, a young woman from the last century, who in her short life became a silent agent for love. Sadako Sasaki, the girl who folded paper cranes after she had been in the black rain of Hiroshima and Cecile Payne, an astronomer, who wasn’t disheartened even when her work was not appreciated. Each woman will be portrayed through music combined with another art form. For me as a musician and composer the series departs from music as the common, unifying form of expression and I will be collaborating with artists of the respective art forms involved. The chosen art form intuitively corresponds with the life story of each woman.