Into Eternity – music between Heaven & Earth is a staged concert consisting of new compositions by Marion von Tilzer for a nine-piece chamber ensemble, inspired by the farewell letter of Vilma Grunwald, which she wrote to her husband in 1941 moments before her death in Auschwitz. For this concert James Murray is creating an immersive lighting design. The program is a tribute to Vilma Grunwald to commemorate her courage and immense love and is part of Marion von Tilzer’s series of artprojects called ‘Meetings with Remarkable Women – music inspired by women’s lives’.
The first performances will take place in The Netherlands around Remembrance Day, 4th of May 2023, in collaboration with the Hermitage Amsterdam & the Paleiskerk Den Haag. With top musicians as Maya Fridman, Bella Adamova, Belinfante Quartet, Jacobus Thiele and Michael Hesselink, especially staged by Diane Elshout it will be a beautiful experience you don’t want to miss.